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The Iowa Arts Council Presents: No More Starving Artists III

No More Starving Artists 3

No More Starving Artists III

Saturday September 17th 2011, Cedar Rapids

Join us this year in the brand new CSPS facility.   We’ve got a great line-up of workshops, which you can customize for maximum impact!  We’re so excited to have presenters from Springboard for the Arts and Fractured Atlas as well as fabulous presenters from here in Iowa.  The $45 early bird registration includes lunch…what are you waiting for?

Hotel Information
Rooms are available for $79.99 at Comfort Inn Cedar Rapids, 390 33rd Avenue SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404. Phone: (319) 363-7934

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Workshop sessions

Simple Business Plans for Artists
A business plan will help you grow your artistic business, a.k.a. your career. This session explains how to prepare a simple business plan, in arts friendly language. People primarily think about writing a business plan when they are seeking money, but a business plan is an essential planning tool for any small business (even if you're "just a painter!")
Kathleen Richert, Springboard for the Arts

Sound Bite
Create a powerful and persuasive elevator speech in this hands-on workshop. Let potential sponsors, presenters, schools and institutions know your value with a clear and concise delivery.
Presenters: Jennifer Pytleski and Dawn Martinez Oropeza, Iowa Arts Council

Murals, Murals, and More Murals
This session will focus on four approaches to murals. The session will begin with a brief opening presentation from the four presenters followed by an open discussion regarding the issues and challenges of planning and executing a mural project.
Tom Rosborough, Karla Christensen and Nancy Bennett.

Marketing for Artists
This session is devoted to identifying the right audience for your artistic output, positioning yourself, and developing marketing strategies and a marketing plan geared for that audience.
Kathleen Richert, Springboard for the Arts

Grants Info from the Iowa Arts Council
This session will focus on Grants Information from the Iowa Arts Council, outlining which programs individuals are eligible to apply for, process for application and grant writing tips.  We also discuss other resources for funding.
Presenter: Sarah Ekstrand, Iowa Arts Council

Methods of Selecting Artists for Public Art Projects
This session is an introduction to the various ways public art committees typically use to select artists for their public art projects. What is the difference between a RFQ and RFP? What does “submit high quality digital images of your work” mean? What are the challenges for emerging artists or studio artists who have not created public art? What projects should an artist apply for and what are their chances of being selected? The presenter will address these and other issues.
Lynette Pohlman, Director and Chief Curator, Iowa State University Museums

Survival Kit for Artists
Attendees will learn about key services, programs, and resources that can help them with the business side of their art -- the "unsexy" side that artists generally do not like thinking about.  Fractured Atlas offers services that deal with fundraising, education/professional development, insurance, and more.  If what type of insurance you should be considering or what you are required to have are questions that keep you up at night, then this is the workshop for you. This presentation is designed for individuals or arts groups concerned with organizing a business and building support for your creative process.
Emily Gray, Fractured Atlas.

Pricing Your Work: Getting Paid for What You Do
While many artists excel at the design and production of their work, they feel far less confident when it comes to deciding what the price ought to be. Most want to be compensated fairly, but what does that mean? Too often, a number is plucked out of the air because it feels about right. In this workshop we discuss what to consider as you 'do the math' both for people who are producing products and for those providing services.
Presenter: Kathleen Richert, Springboard for the Arts

Arts Advocacy
A how-to session that focuses on what to say and do to be a successful advocate for the arts.  We’ll share information on how to communicate with elected officials, how to inspire others and information on statewide advocacy efforts.