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Contact: Veronica O'Hern
Arts Resources Coordinator

Individual Artists

Need to talk it through?

In addition to the resources listed below, Iowa Arts Council staff is ready and willing to consult with individual artists about ideas, plans, and opportunities. 

Assistance can range from a simple email or phone conversation, to more in-depth consulting.  Reimbursement for travel (at state rates) or staff time (at $25/hour) may be requested for consultations that require substantial time; however we make every effort to keep such costs to a minimum.

For assistance to individual artists, contact:
Veronica O'Hern


Iowa Arts Council Resources:

The Iowa Artist Directory - This resource is the place to locate and connect with Iowa artists. A great tool for galleries, presenting organizations, schools, communities, civic and business organizations to hook up with Iowa's artists for employment and other opportunities.

The Folk and Traditional Artists Roster – The IAC has reviewed these artists based on their excellence and how their ethnic, occupational, regional, or religious traditional skills and knowledge reflect their community's aesthetics and heritage.

The Performing Artists Roster – These are experienced performers who are recognized for the quality of their work and their ability to work with sponsors and venues to present high quality and exciting events.

The Public Art Artists Registry – IPAAR is a non-juried registry of Iowa artists who are seeking opportunities to create or exhibit their public art.

The Teaching Artists Roster – Artists represented in the Teaching Artists roster have successfully undergone a peer panel review process that evaluates their artistic and instructional abilities and achievements as they relate to teaching artist residencies.

The In-Box – The IAC regularly lists calls for entry, jobs, residencies, workshops, conferences – any information given to us on opportunities for artists.

Artist Residency Resources: Sample contracts, checklists, and other resources for conducting residencies in schools and communities.

Business Tools for Artists:  Links to resources about marketing, legal issues, copyright, technology, and more.

Iowa Guide to Healthcare: For those artists in Iowa looking to explore their healthcare options, Springboard hopes to take some of the mystery out of your search with our new Guide to Healthcare for Iowa Artists! The Guide includes connections to insurance providers, low-cost clinics and programs, and alternative care providers in the Hawkeye. In addition, we offer tips along the way to help you find the right combination of resources to help keep you healthy. The Guide is free and available to download by clicking here or email to request a printed copy be mailed to your address.

Here is a listing of Resources for Individual Artists which includes Business Tools, Marketing Tools, information on health care and more.

Resources for Individual Artists pdf Resources for Individual Artists

Resources for Individual Artists pdf Information on Copyright Law Basics created and provided by McKee, Voorhees & Sease

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