Dual Gony: Transcript

Nuer community scholar
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I like Iowa very much than any other state I've been, because the land is exactly—looks the same like the Sudanese land, like uh, especially during the summertime, so green, and everything look very good. That is the way it is in Sudan; so we have a lot of cornfield over there, like here.

My name is Dual Bijiek Gony. I'm from Nuer tribe in Southern Sudan. We left Sudan because of the war. There is a war between the north and the south. That war has been going on for many years. It is started in 1955, and it is still going on right now.

The south, does not have a lot of resources. The children, they don't go in school, so there is no future in the south at all. That's why a lot of people have come here to establish their families, and then they can help the people they left home.

Now I'm a U.S. citizen, and I live in Ames, Iowa, now. I go to school at Iowa State University in business.

I came to United States in 1995 to Fort Worth, Texas. So I live there for two month, and I move to Iowa because my friend was in Perry, Iowa; so he was working at IBP plant. Then when I came to Perry, I started working at IBP and my wife together. In three month we bought our car, our first car in America. I've been here now for almost nine years in Iowa.

There are a lot of differences between living here and in Sudan. Because here you cannot just go to the forest and kill the animal like the way we do in Sudan. So you can just go there and—you can go as a group of people and kill the elephant and buffalo, giraffe, all the big animal, so—. But you cannot do that here. It is very dangerous to kill elephant or buffalo. If you are not well prepared, it can kill you. So the elephant is very fast when he run. You can kill it as a group, and you can kill it by yourself. I find a spirit in that, but I didn't do it by myself. I did it with other people, about a hundred.

The heart is very, very good, and the kidney also are good for food, and the horn also, the horn of the elephant. So you have to have those so you can sell them to some people. Except the skin of it is not good.

The basic food are the corn, fish, milk. The Nuer are getting the milk from the cow. If there is no food, they will kill a cow for food.

When Nuer are together, they are very happy. They have to converse. They will talk, and they will have some meeting to decide some important thing to help the community. So I miss those things like that.