Kamyar Enshayan

Iranian Food Traditions, Cedar Falls
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Kamyar Enshayan with pet chickenKamyar Enshayan, Ph.D., is the Director for UNI’s Center for Energy and Environmental Education as well as for the regional Buy Fresh, Buy Local, which strives to connect people, restaurants, and stores with local farmers and processors. The winner of the 2008 Sustainable Agricultural Achievement Award from Practical Farmers of Iowa, Kamyar has been recognized for his influential work in local foods and local communities. Enshayan also teaches environmental education classes at UNI, is program manager for Yards for Kids, and is a city council member for Cedar Falls.

Kamyar's GardenBorn in northern Iran, Kamyar came to Iowa in 1978. He is a fan of local foods from his native country and wherever he happens to be living. The staple food of Iran is rice, which is served with every meal, usually topped with seasonal vegetables. Kamyar cooks both traditional Persian dishes as well as more mainstream dishes. Besides the dishes he describes in his interview, he enjoys making a yogurt dish involving cucumbers, green onions, and mint—a combination that he says “cools you down on hot summer days.” Enshayan and his family raise chickens and a variety of vegetables in their backyard in Cedar Falls.

Contact: Kamyar Enshayan, 319/273-7575, kamyar.enshayan@uni.edu