About Iowa Roots with Riki Saltzman mp3

Iowa Roots features stories, music and talk with traditional artists from a variety of ethnic, geographic, occupational and religious groups found in Iowa.  Topics range from Meskwaki stories, Norwegian foods, Bosnian coffee, and African American Blues to Danish smørrebrød, Vietnamese Tet, Amana wines, and Mexican ballads. 


Iowa Roots is a creation of the Iowa Arts Council and Iowa Public RadioThe producers have included Julie Englander, Curt Snook, and Phil Nusbaum.

The theme music for Iowa Roots is from the “Highlandville Waltz,” performed by Foot-Notes and composed by Greg Dale and Erik Sessions, all from Decorah. 

For more information contact:
Matt Harris, Administrator
Iowa Arts Council

Many of those interviewed for this project may be contacted directly.
Please use the contact information provided in their biographies.
A few would like to maintain their privacy, however, and would prefer not to be contacted.