IAC Press Release

For Immediate Release: July 23, 2008

Contact: Jeff Morgan
Public Relations

Iowa Arts Council Announces Mini Grant Awards

(DES MOINES, Iowa)—The Iowa Arts Council has awarded nearly $19,000 in the June and July rounds of Mini Grants to organizations and individuals in Ames, Cedar Rapids, Decorah, Des Moines, Elkader, Fairfield, Fort Madison, Grinnell, Iowa City and Rock Island. IAC received 43 eligible applications with requests totaling more than $62,000.

Mini Grants are awarded each month, and applicants may request up to $1,500 in funding, which they must match.

“Mini Grant reviews are becoming more and more difficult – it’s always been competitive, but in the past three months we’ve had 50% more applications, on average, than in the same three months a year ago,” said Mary Sundet Jones, Iowa Arts Council administrator. “There are so many more great arts activities occurring than we can possibly support. The good news is that arts are alive and well in Iowa.”

Applications for Mini Grants must be received the first working day of the month before the intended activity begins. More information and application guidelines and rules can be viewed at www.iowaartscouncil.org.

The Iowa Arts Council is a division of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs and works to enrich the quality of life for Iowans through support of the arts. Funding for the Iowa Arts Council and its programs is provided by the State of Iowa and the National Endowment for the Arts. Please visit www.iowaartscouncil.org for more information.




Iowa Arts Council June 2008 Mini Grant Awards

Lorie Scott, Cedar Rapids
Sigfrid Karg-Elert, Caprices for Flute, Recording and Technical Exercises
Flutist Lorie Scott is preparing an edition of Sigfrid Karg-Elert’s 30 Caprices for Solo Flute. IAC grant funding supports a CD recording of the 30 Caprices and a series of technical exercises to accompany the existing score and text portions of the project.

John Paul Schafer, Cedar Rapids
Video Documentary: The Making of a Public Mural
Artist John Schafer will use grant funding to rent equipment and hire videographer/producer Kirk Monson (of MVP Studio in Cedar Rapids) to make a documentary about the initiation, execution and installation of the artist’s 9’ x 24’ mural (funded-in-part by IAC) for the new Independence Public Library. Production will occur from July, 2008 to June, 2009

Fort Madison Area Arts Association
Eulenspiegal Puppet Theatre Comes to Ft. Madison
IAC grant funding supports the efforts of the Fort Madison Area Arts Association (FMAAA) who have contracted Eulenspiegel Puppet Theatre to engage area youth in creative workshops and provide an opportunity for a number of children to rehearse and perform Portraits of the Prairie. Event planning to incorporate thematic arts education is scheduled for July 21-25.

Faulconer Gallery, Grinnell
Eulenspiegel Puppets Residency in Grinnell
IAC Roster Artists Eulenspiegel Puppet Theater will provide a series of puppet making and performance workshops, plus two performances that engages multi-generational audiences from across the community. Participants will learn about Iowa’s prairie history from pre-historic through current times, learn puppetry, early American music/folklore, and visual and performing arts with professional artists/musicians.

Sarah Goffstein
Strange Botany
Sarah Goffstein, art educator and native Iowan artist will dedicate the month of July to creating a large-scale painting and smaller watercolor pieces derived from field sketches of plant life encountered in Iowa. The resulting hybrid pieces will explore the interconnection between natural plant and landscape forms and the inner landscape of the body.

Judy Bales, Fairfield
Solo Exhibition at ICON Gallery
Artist Judy Bales will complete three large scale artworks for a solo exhibition at ICON Gallery in Fairfield. Funds will be used to purchase materials necessary for the works, and to pay artist’s fees during the month of July.

Gayla Paul Drake, Cedar Rapids
Materials Request for Manufacture of Inventory
Artist Gayla Paul Drake recently worked with a printer to redesign her CD packages in a more eco-friendly manner, incorporating a print-on-demand method which allows her to have several CD titles without having to manufacture 1,000 of each at a time. Grant funding will cover the cost for materials for 1,500 print-on-demand packages.


Iowa Arts Council July 2008 Mini Grant Awards

AMOS, Des Moines
Immigrant Stories
Funding for this project will commission Iowa playwright Lorenzo Sandoval to write a play based on the human and community impacts of the recent Marshalltown ICE raid. This dramatic story of conflict and transformation will be a vehicle for engagement of longtime Iowans, children of immigrants, and new immigrants in the universal immigrant question.

 Nora Garda Marcos, Iowa City
Camera Dance (phase 2)
Returning from Argentina where they videotaped dances in the Milongas and on the streets of Buenos Aries, Nora Garda and Mark McCusker will use IAC grant funds to log more than 40 hours of footage and digitize it for computer editing to create Camera Dance for presentation on the web and at Iowa art galleries and Tango groups.

Co’Motion Dance Theater, Ames
With IAC grant funding Co’Motion Dance Theater will produce a dance concert at Ames City Auditorium Aug. 1-2 using children from Kids’ Co’Motion. WORLD PORT will perform a combination of extant WORLD PORT original material and music expressly developed for these performances.

Elkader Opera House Theater Board, Elkader
Manhattan Lyric Opera and Master Class
With IAC grant support, The Elkader Opera House Theater Board will present the Manhattan Lyric Opera’s Die Fledermaus October 26, 2008. In addition, the Manhattan Lyric Opera will conduct a master class for area high school students who will be included in the production.

Carl Homstad, Elkader
Homstad Mural Video and Photos
IAC grant funding will allow artist Carl Homstad to hire a professional photographer/videographer to shoot photos and video of some of his murals to use in promotion of his mural work.

Celtic Cultures Alliance of the Quad Cities, Rock Island
Celtic Highland Games, Musical Workshops and Performances
On August 23, 2008, as part of the Celtic Highland Games in Davenport, Celtic Cultures Alliance of the Quad Cities will use IAC grant funds to present a variety of music workshops and performances that will continue the Celtic tradition of integrating art with everyday life. Workshop leaders and performers will include Switchback® and Barley House, as well as individual musicians and volunteers.




The Iowa Arts Council is a division of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs and works to enrich the quality of life and learning in Iowa communities by encouraging excellence in the arts through leadership, grants and technical assistance. Funding for the Iowa Arts Council and its programs is provided by the State of Iowa and the National Endowment for the Arts. More information about IAC is available at www.iowaartscouncil.org.