Recently Awarded Grants

Fiscal Year 2010 / Mini Grants: July


The Iowa Arts Council received 15 eligible Mini grant applications for the July round. Applicants requested a total of $21,316 for Arts projects. Six projects were funded totaling $9000. There is a possible total score of 44 points. Although a score of 33 or above would be considered fundable, available funding did not allow for grants scoring below 34.33, leaving seven additional worthwhile projects unfunded. With $1033 in additional funding those seven applicants could have been funded.

Gillian Brown, Fairfield
"The Shape of the Universe:" translucent sculpture incorporating video
Gillian Brown will use IAC grant funding to develop new work, entitled "The Shape of the Universe," for a series "On Becoming," in which projected video within translucent sculptures become meditations on the origins of the universe.  This work will be exhibited in Iowa.  The artist will Document the work for new promotional DVD to send out locally and nationally.

Cynthia A. Goatley , Waterloo
Development Workshop of an Original Musical by Burkhardt & Goatley
IAC funding will support the new musical, Scotch Verdict by Rebecca Burkhardt and Cynthia Goatley, to undergo a two-week developmental workshop and performance led by Chicago director, Elizabeth Margolius.  Two Iowa accompanists, Joel Waggoner, University of Northern Iowa alumnus, and Robin Guy, UNI Professor of piano, will serve as members of the artistic team.

Story City Greater Chamber Connection (GCC), Story City
STORY! Celebrating the Art of Storytelling
Story City Greater Chamber Connection will use IAC funding for 2009 STORY! (September 18-20), a fourth annual storytelling event, includes nationally recognized tellers La'Ron Williams, Dovie Thomason, Jackie Thompson (IAC listed), Kevin Kling, and local talent.  Artists will teach workshops and share storytelling with area schools from 9/14-9/18, at a local nursing home, and at public concerts.

Katherine S. Busenbarrick, Des Moines
"The Sweaters of Tessy Lilac"
Author Katherine S. Busenbarrick will use grant funds to write a novella. Told from the flawed, but funny perspective of a helpful friend,  is the chronicle of one Iowa woman's sorrows and sweaters.

Bruce Walters, Davenport
Halloween Flight -framing and large digital printing
Bruce Walters will use IAC grant funds for framing and large digital printing expenses for a solo art exhibition at the Western Illinois University Art Gallery, October-November, 2009. These works will also be included in a solo exhibition at the Quad City Arts Center Gallery in 2010.

Francesca Hoerlein, Fairfield
Fairytale Puppet Project
IAC funding will support Iowa artist Francesca Hoerlein to create 13 paper Mache© fairytale hand puppets 12"-24" tall, plus props for three fairytale puppet shows (approximately 147 hours of work), to be completed from August 1 through September 30, 2009.