Recently Awarded Grants

Fiscal Year 2009 / Mini Grants: December


The Iowa Arts Council received 11 eligible Mini grant applications for the December round. Applicants requested a total of $15,500 for Arts projects. Five projects were funded totaling $6,500 There is a possible total score of 44 points. Although a score of 33 or above would be considered fundable, available funding did not allow for grants scoring below 33.67, leaving many worthwhile projects unfunded.

Central College Theatre Department, Pella
Eulenspeigel Puppet Theatre Residency
Central College will engage the Eulenspeigel Puppet Theatre for a 5 day residency with IAC grant funding. The residency will encompass hands-on workshops in puppet building and manipulation; consultation and planning sessions regarding the use of puppets in actual performance; and two free performances.

Arts a la Carte, Coralville
Argentine Dance at Arts a la Carte
IAC grant funding supports Arts a la Carte to present a series of workshops on Argentine Folklore taught by Nora Garda January - May 2009, introducing Iowans to the rich cultural dance traditions of Argentina.
Participants will listen to music, read articles, watch videos and learn folkloric dances as well as their histories and about the people who created them.

Sasha Waters Freyer,Iowa City
Land Camera Collective Remake Project
The Land Camera Collective Remake Project, under the auspices of Project Director Sasha Waters Freyer will use IAC grant funds to master, duplicate and promote a near completed film art project - a remake of a 17-minute-long 1979 experimental film by the renowned filmmaker Owen Land in High-Definition (HD) video.

ACE (Habeas Corpus), Iowa City
Camera Dance - phase 3
In Camera Dance phase 3, IAC grant funds will allow ACE artists to upload 14 hours of video dances to the internet to a waiting audience of Iowa Milonga* dancers.
Taped in Buenos Aires, Argentina - on the streets, in studios, performances and Milongas* - the videos include folkloric dances and Tangos.

Craig W. Ede, Decorah
Faces and Footprints of Postville
Craig W. Ede will use IAC grant forms to create two 3'x4' painted portraits. Each portrait will be of a woman affected by the May 12 immigration raid with their children. The idea is to leave behind traces of the people who made a contribution to the Postville community but are now being forced to leave.