Recently Awarded Grants

Fiscal Year 2005 / Mini Grants: December

Jeremy S. Jackson
Untitled Memoir of a Rural Family in 1983-1984

Jeremy Jackson proposes to complete the balance of the first draft of his book the, Untitled Memoir of a Rural Family in 1983-1984. The book will trace the events in his rural family's life during the illness and eventual death of his grandmother.

Stormy Mochal
Solo Exhibition, Phase 2

Stormy Mochal is a 2-D mixed media artist requesting funding for her Solo Exhibition, Phase 2 at the Rocco Buda Gallery in Dubuque. Funds will help with framing supplies and marketing for the exhibition.

Bo Ramsey
Iowa Blues Record Research

Funding for the research stage of a larger musical project Iowa Blues Record Research is being sought. Material being researched is for a blues record to be recorded in Iowa using all Iowa musicians. Funds will pay the researcher and the co-producer.

YWCA of Clinton Iowa
17th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration

Graffiti Theatre will perform REAL Theatre, a method of theatre that promotes audience participation. This particular presentation will bring to life the intricacies of racism in Iowa and in particular, the complex web of issues that surround people of co

Janelle Lauer
Janelle Lauer Studio CD

This project is a segment of a CD production project, with funding sought for sound engineering, studio rental, and duplication of an studio CD of music by cedar Rapids jazz/pop vocalist Janelle Lauer.

Edgar East
Marketing of the Latin America Music an Culture Kit

The Latin America Music an Culture Kit which Karin Stein and Edgar East published in the summer of 2004 with partial funding from the IAC, is a most valuable resource for teachers of music, social science, Spanish, art and drama.